Hey there precious
mama friends,

Thanks for visiting Milk&Mom. You and your baby tribes are already precious to me and I’m thankful to be a part of your breastfeeding journey.

Hey there precious mama friends,

Thanks for visiting Milk&Mom. You and your baby tribes are already precious to me and I’m thankful to be a part of your journey.

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I remember my first days with my new wrinkly babies in my hands. Trying to find our way together, memorizing every inch of them, and being utterly undone by their every move. Five babies have made their way into the world through me and every one of them grew my passion for breastfeeding and mothering. Every feeding journey is different, comes with its own set of highs and lows, and often help is needed to navigate the unique circumstances between a baby and mama.

Through Milk&Mom, I want every mom to have the support and education they need to have a happy, healthy feeding relationship with their infant. I love empowering moms in every stage and every circumstance to embrace mothering with deep joy and confidence. Learn more here.


Kellye was absolutely amazing! Having twins I knew there would be struggles so I spoke with Kellye before they were born and then met after they were born. She was so knowledgeable and there for every question I had whether in person or by phone or message. We had a wonderful year-long breastfeeding journey and I'm so thankful that Kellye was a part of that!

Katie B.

Lactation Support for moms & babies

pregnant woman

Lactation Consult

In-person or virtual prenatal lactation consult. The conversation will be focused on the first 72 hours post-birth. Your health history will be discussed, any questions you have will be answered, and we will talk through your goals and feeding plan

Happy three month old baby boy lying on his back on his motherâ"u20acs knee looking up at her, over shoulder view, close up

Lactation Consult
In Your Home or In Our Office

You can visit our office at The Addice Birth Center or we can visit you in your home(distance considered and driving fee applied). Full history of the mother and infant will be assessed, a weighted feed, latch and position help, infant oral assessment, plan of care, and lactation therapy when needed will take place.

Young Mother Breastfeeding Baby Baby at Home

Pre & Post
Tongue Tie Therapy

Pre-tongue-tie release home visit education & preparation for tethered oral tissues. Plan of care through HIPPA safe portal, communication to your team of doctors, referrals specific to your infant's needs. Post-op lactation therapy, wound check, care & exercises


Prenatal Infant
Feeding Class

Join our infant feeding class at the Addice Birth Center to be totally prepared for when your little one is here. This is a safe empowering community that lifts, brings hope, and heals. All feeding methods welcome, pregnancy and postpartum welcome.

Would you like to donate lactation support to other moms in need?

Lactation support is something so many moms need but, not all families can afford the help. By request from some loving Milk & Mom clients, below is a link to donate support if it is on your heart to do so. Thank you so much!