Hi I'm Kellye Skaer, IBCLC
and Founder of Milk & Mom

Our Philosophy

At Milk&Mom I want every parent to have the support and education they need to have a happy, healthy feeding relationship with their infant. I love empowering moms in every stage and every circumstance to embrace mothering with deep joy and confidence.

Kellye Skaer is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with 17 years of breastfeeding experience.

Kellye founded Milk&Mom where she serves both breast and bottle-feeding moms. She offers, practical, achievable solutions and works hard to help moms simplify for the sake of joy in the early days. She offers in-home lactation consulting to moms in The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, Spring, Conroe, Texas, and virtual lactation consulting nationwide.

Kellye works within a village of providers (pediatricians, midwives, dentists, lactation consultants, peer counselors, speech, and language pathologists, myofunctional therapists, chiropractors, and doulas) and believes deeply in collaboration of providers to help the breastfeeding dyad achieve its goals. She is a member of ILCA, USLCA, IATP, and HALCEA. She has completed many advanced training including The Oral Habilitation of the Breastfeeding Dyad Master Class for the IBCLC.

Kellye looks at the mother-baby dyad holistically. She understands how birth trauma and/or difficulty breastfeeding can affect a mother. Kellye leaves space for listening and healing in her practice. While there are many different sources of healing, her personal source for healing is Jesus. When desired and initiated by the patient, Kellye is happy to pray with moms & babies and hold up hope for moms who are in a difficult place.

Kellye volunteers her time at PACN teaching their monthly breastfeeding class and loves pouring into the community. She is available to speak/teach at events, birth classes, mom’s groups, large and small group gatherings, just ask!

Kellye and her husband Jason have 7 amazing-growing-eating-all-the-things kiddos and one bouncy dog named Finny. They have a ridiculous amount of fun, bunk beds, books, food, sports, snuggles and love. Kellye loves rainy days, rocking chairs, good books & hot tea, especially all together.

Kellye Skaer, ibclc

Kellye Skaer and Kim Fequay

Over the last 6 years, Kellye has joined Kim Feuquay, DDS in building a practice that is passionate about helping moms and babies through the road of RTOTS: Restrictive Tethered Oral Tissues or Tongue, Lip and Buccal ties. We offer comprehensive care for the mom and baby beginning and ending with lactation for breast and bottle feeding moms. We have two nurseries where we access the dyad holistically including: pregnancy and birth history, latch and position, feed and weights, oral anatomy, and function. When Restrictive Tethered Oral Tissues are diagnosed, we perform frenectomies with a CO2 laser that is quick, minimally invasive, and gentle, minimizing post op pain for infants. Infants do not need general anesthesia, though we do offer topical that is specially compounded for infants when parents would like a numbing agent. Parents will relax in our nursery during the procedure and are only away from their infant for several minutes. Babies are able to go to the breast or bottle immediately after frenectomy is performed, our babies love being snuggled and fed post procedure! Every family is sent home with wound care. You will have access to a HIPAA safe portal (MilkNotes) where your plan of care, post op folder, and any specific instructions will be located.

We highly encourage patients to begin or continue working with an IBCLC pre and post op. It is vital, as they will guide you in lactation therapy/ playtime exercises to help your baby educate their muscles, and monitor healing and proper feeding techniques. Every baby is different and has different needs, your plan of care should be individual to you as tongue ties are not just ‘released’ but it is a journey of developing the use of muscles they have not had full access to. We work with many other IBCLC’s, SLP’s, Myofunctional therapists, and Chiropractors to achieve the best plan for each dyad.

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