Kaulie and Precious Baby Ayla

How did you find out about Kellye and Milk & Mom?

The Addice Birth Center, Chiropractor Dr. Kaitlin Timmons, and Doula Shelley Williams all recommended her


After successfully breastfeeding my first child for 17 months, I naively believed breastfeeding my second would be cake. After much crying (both me and my baby), trouble latching, and poor milk transfer, I finally reached out for help. I vividly remember filling out the scheduling form on Kellye’s website while squinting through tears of defeat. Kellye listened to my concerns, performed a thorough assessment, and patiently tried to help my baby, Ayla, latch. My daughter was a tricky case where oral ties were not blatantly the issue, so we were hesitant to jump straight to revision. Kellye helped us work on stretches and techniques to improve latch. She walked us through things like chiro care, mouth exercises, shield, no shield, triple feeding, and even a short time of exclusive pumping (to aide in proper weight gain) while we waited for our spot in Dr. Kim’s schedule for a tie evaluation. All the while, Kellye encouraged, checked on, and helped me believe breastfeeding my daughter was possible. We went through with a revision and followed up with Kellye. I’m intensely appreciative of Kellye’s guidance and encouragement during our journey. With her support, I kept moving forward and didn’t give up on the breastfeeding relationship I deeply desired with my newest baby. Now Ayla feeds like a pro. Recently, I was able to nurse her in a restaurant booth as if it was normal and we’d been doing that all along. What a surreal moment. Thank you, Kellye.

What would you tell other moms who are experiencing difficulty or stress in their nursing journey?

For being such a natural event, breastfeeding can be really, really tough in many ways (including emotional). Finding and investing in the help you need is worth it. Sometimes the journey will look differently than you expected and that’s okay. When you reflect back, I hope you feel proud of the work you put in and know you’re an amazing mama.

A note from Kellye: Let me know if you have any questions here! I am happy to help. Take a look at the next success story! JASMINE & PRECIOUS BABY LEVI

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